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Busking Cancer

Join thousands of musicians across the country and go busking or gigging to help beat cancer.

Register for Busking Cancer today -  you’ll never forget the day you supported Cancer Research UK and the real buzz you got from doing what you love whilst changing lives.

We will send you the necessary sponsorship forms, authorisation letters and banners to help promote your event.
How it all began
Cancer Research UK volunteers, Mark Warrick and Jamie Latty, founded the campaign in 2007 when they went busking in aid of Cancer Research UK on London's South Bank.
After raising over £1,500 in just 3 hours they decided to make Busking Cancer a national event.
Busking Cancer is now considered to be one of the fastest growing fundraising campaigns for Cancer Research UK. With patrons like Suggs, Rod Stewart and Newton Faulkner, and more importantly with the support of talented buskers across the UK, Busking Cancer has become a great way to support Cancer Research UK's lifesaving work

What people say about Busking Cancer

"The best thing about Busking Cancer is that everybody wins - musicians get exposure and do what they love, punters get entertained, an important cause is furthered."
Tom Godfrey, Busking Cancer Champion 2009

"When it comes to busking, I'm your man. That's how I started, in the early 60's, on the streets of Paris so the idea of Busking Cancer has my support. You don't have to be a great singer or the best musician - you just have to entertain people. And if you can earn a few quid for Cancer Research UK, a few quid that might just help to save someone's life what could be better? Do it now. Sign up to Busking Cancer today, get out and sing and have some fun."
Rod Stewart, lead patron of Busking Cancer
This event is organised by a supporter of Cancer