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Saturday, 30 April 2011

A most peculiar day...

I took advantage of the royal wedding to first go to an empty sainsbury's. Liking this I got on my bike and enjoyed a traffic free green lanes. I cycled up through enfield and out London proper, taking in a couple of parks and old houses. Lots of horse poo and the roar of the M25.

After a glorious late lunch at clicia, falafel for a change, I met up with my brother Matt. A lot of drinking... A chat with two 'close-up' magicians and a performance artist... I love north London.

Spent today... Slightly hungover.... At rob's. We are performing a tribute to Grant McLennon next weekend at the Lexington.

Ukulele rock

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Scotish Adventure

Hi all,
I've taken a couple of days off work to go to Glasgow where my (very supportive and understanding) girlfriend's parents live. We decided to drive up so I strapped my newly-borrowed bike rack to the back of the car and brought my bike with.

I went for a fantastic ride today in nice sunshine and pleasant temperatures. I started off in Newton Mearns, a leafy suburb south of Glasgow. My root took me to Eaglesham, a quaint conservation village and from there a 10-mile uphill slog to Europe's largest windfarm. The ride was great, even though up hill with unrelenting headwinds (no wonder they built the windfarm up there) but it was on a pleasant B-road crossing little streams, flanked by sheep and deer. I passed a number of cyclists, hikers and fishers; all of who stopped to say hello.

At the top of the hill, after a short break to gaze in wonder at the scale of the wind turbines I started coasting down hill. The route I took back was either downhill or completely flat along the A77 which had a properly segregated cycle lane - separate from the main road by a kerb and was very pleasant.

In under an hour I'd completed the 15 mile circuit back to Newton Mearns so decided to do it again. This time slowed down by a puncture (which using my training from Ken and spare inner tube from Warren I was able to fix) but still made it round and home in time for lunch.

I'm now looking forward to the Scottish leg of the trip even more.

Sunday, 17 April 2011


We had another good rehearsal this weekend, kindly hosted by Brian (again). Warren, Dom, Dan and I made it down to Brixton in some lovely sunshine.
This time, we decided to concentrate on just a couple of songs and really worked on the different parts and worked towards making them sound like our own songs done in our style - rather than just strumming through them.
It sounded great by the end and we really made some progress. Warren even committed some notes to paper to make sure we won't forget.
More news, and our new website coming soon.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Rubber soul mate

Rubber Soul Mate

Stop looking at me like that.
I know you're flat.
But don't push it.
I could trade you in, you know,
For a younger model,
All firm
And Bouncy.
How would you feel about that?
What if I started
With some woozy puncture-resistant floozy?
What then?
You'd be deflated.

I'm tyred.
It's not that I don't care
About your longing
For hand-pumped air.
It's just that I don't really know
Where our relationship is going.
You're putting too much pressure on me
To put
In you.